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Convention Meme (AKA this shit is hilarious)

Convention meme stolen from everyone and their mom (who the fuck cares who it's from?)

1. How many times have you been to a convention?
Around 25 since Otakon 2002.

2. Do you sleep at conventions?
I do. Some cons less than others, and I don't sleep well for the most part.

3. Do you eat?
Usually. Sometimes on Fridays or Saturdays, I don't eat enough, so I feel sick, and so I just won't each until the next morning.

4. Are you shameless at conventions?
Not more than usual.

5. On average, how much money do you spend?
Excluding the ride and badge, probably around 30-60 dollars? Most of that's for food and maybe one thing from the dealer's room.

6. Do you go to conventions to pick up people?
I pretend to pick up Brian (my boyfriend) at all the cons that we're together at, if that counts.

7. Do you go to conventions to bang people?

8. How much cellulite do you see when you go to conventions?

9. Do you cosplay?
Yea -- usually more than I should though.

10. Does your cosplay show a lot of skin?
Yes...or it would if I were a man in the Anji costume. But since I'm not, I get to wear bandages which pretty much evens out to wearing a tube top.

11. Is your cosplay the epitome of badassery?
Fuck yeah....well maybe with the exception of my shota cosplay...and the exception of....everything.

12. Do you wait in line for things...ie; hentai fest, yaoi fest, autographs, ceremonies?
(Hentai/Yaoi fest? What conventions are YOU going to? The only yaoi fest at Otakon was my taken-over BL Game panel lol)
I used to do it a lot, but now it's less often. I still lined up for some autographs and panels/events though~.

13. How many friends have you met from conventions?
A lot I guess? I've also lost touch with a lot too though.

14. Have you ever been drunk at a convention?
No (seriously, we need to go out for drinks together, guys)

15. Name your conventions:
Otakon, Katsucon, Anime USA, Animazement, AnimeNEXT, Whatever the name of Anzai-sensei's thing was called, and the one at CHS (Otaku Fest I think)

16. Do you go to conventions alone or with a bunch of people?
The actual ride up I usually go alone, but I'm at the convention with lots of friends~

17. Get your own room or mooch off of someone?
This is a really weird question. But I always pay for when I am staying in a hotel, but lately I've been staying at people's houses...so I guess that is mooching. (Sorry guys!)

18. Ever partied hard with a voice actor?
Nope, but I hear that Greg Ayres is fun to party with haha.

19. Taken a picture with Silent Bob?
Not together.

20. Jay too?
The only Jay I've seen at conventions is a little lackluster. (And especially none that I would like to see dancing to Goodbye Horses)

21. Gotten home to find out you've lost weight from walking around so DAMN much?
Only once, and I had lost 6 pounds. Usually I don't check haha.

22. Hugged random people?
Yeah. And also wanted to punch a couple of random people.

23. Kissed random people?
It wasn't random, but it was to help a sale for Manga Gamers lol (only on the cheek).

24. Stalked someone who was cosplaying your favorite bishi character?
:( I've never seen anyone cosplay my favorite "bishi" character at conventions (except for myself). If I did...I may befriend them in a very creepy-like manner, but not stalk per se..... (I jest).

25. Gotten a g/f or b/f out of a convention?
If you mean that I helped Brian get out the fuck out of the convention, yes.

26. Hooked up with someone?

27. Tell the truth now... seriously

28. Had a temporary convention love that ended by Monday morning?

29. Raved until you fell over?
(Anita's answer was hilarious) No. I rave for about 5 minutes and GTFO.

30. Flirted with a dealer to get a discount?
I try to haggle sometimes, but that's it.

31. Taken pictures of people?

32. Had your picture taken?

33. Gone to a photoshoot?
Too many.

34. Planned a photoshoot?
Kind of? Not a big one though, just with friends or whatever.

35. Been stalked?
I hope to god not.

36. Been annoyed by someone?
Yea. Too many. (And specifically too many people think that I will remember that they took a picture of me in a costume like KH or TWEWY)

37. Done the annoying?
Probably. I'm annoying in general.

39. Had such a miserable time you wanted to leave but didn't?
Too many times.

40. Gotten in a fight?
I try to keep myself from those kind of things haha.

41. Tried to stage a fight?
No, but that'd be fun for a skit or whatever.

42. Success?
Statement in form of question?

43. Freaked out when you saw one of your most favorite characters?
Probably (I can't think of examples right now, but I'm sure).

44. Someone freaked out when they saw your cosplay?
Sometimes I guess? Especially in Kingdom hearts cos.

45. Hung out with random people that you'd just met?
All the time.

46. Reunited with a friend?
I have! I finally found my friend from high school after 4 years this past Otakon! I was so excited!
Usually it's just people from school or whatever though.

47. Broken off with a friend?
At a convention? What kind of convention meme question is this? I have, but outside of conventions.

48. Cried at a convention
Too many times. Most of the time when I'm stressed out I just start crying just because I'm so angry/upset.

49. Saved trash from stuff you bought?
I keep the boxes the figure came in, or the plastic sleeve that the artbook came in, but I don't really consider those things trash.

50. Eaten ramen and drunk ramune like they were air?
Lol no.

51. Slept in the same bed as someone you've only known a few hours?
I've done that a few times, but not so much lately.

52. Made any money?
Otakufest and this past Otakon! Fuck yeah!

54. Sick of this survey?
Only if it keeps asking questions about hooking up at conventions.

55. Okay...last question. Favorite convention you've ever been to?
Dur. I really am not sure. I can tell you least favorite, but I really don't know. Probably the first one I ever went to I guess?
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