Rin Oumori (slightlysalted) wrote,
Rin Oumori

Please vote for me LOL

Hay guys, I know everyone and their mom is entering the Atlus contest, but you can vote for more than one entry! So please vote for me. I'm not expecting to win, but I worked hard on fabric-dyeing (sp) and LOL makeup!

Right here: Link to my entry on facebook. All you need to do is to "Like" the photo. I don't know if you need to join the group or anything though.

:) Thanks guys. (I'm going to be spamming LJ with some photos and panel junk later too) <3. Sorry if you're also friends with me on other places, because I'm cross-spamming.

EDIT ALSO, CHECK OUT THE COMMENTS. THEY'RE HILARIOUS. Apparently I'm a scarily spot-on handsome Mitsuo?!
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