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Rin Oumori


Alright, I don't post much, but I am really happy! I went out today to pick up some random junk for steampunk. I didn't know it, but the framing store that was next to Staples had changed to a Good Will. So I decided to take a look, and I found the most perfect boots for Shiki's regular outfit!! (The blue kimono and leather jacket one). Well technically, I've seen her drawn with two different styles of boots, the calf length like the figurine (which is the one I got), and there is also a knee-length in one of the drawn pictures.

:D I'm so excited! It's perfect, and it cost me 4 dollars! It's a maybe a size too big, but if I put the insoles, it shouldn't be much of a problem. I'm going to probably wear the boots for steampunk as well :).

It's a good day in the life of me. And I don't care if you guys don't care!! (I'm sure the only person who does care is Kevin).
Tags: cosplay, life, this week in retrospect
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