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AUSA, Steampunk, Katsucon Updates

It was really great to see everyone during Anime USA. I apologize for not posting earlier, but I've been recovering haha. I didn't take many photos (less than 10 actually) because I was so busy doing panels and the fashion show with all my friends :).

Seriously, even though the weekend was super stressful, thanks to everyone who helped out, it was still a lot of fun! Especially Saturday night after everything was over, and we all chilled at the host club! Super thanks to ken_smind for EVERYTHING. I'm glad that I was able to spend so much time with you this convention even if it was being creeped out in a parking lot haha. And super thanks to rare_dreamer for helping take all those fantastic shots of us. Seriously, I'm sorry for dragging you around for most of the weekend, but it was great to see you, like always~~

Well speaking on the fashion show -- if you guys weren't there, Ken, Mimi, and I participated in the Steampunk fashion show that was the halftime show at the masquerade! It was really awesome because I've loved steampunk for a long time. I actually was reading Time Magazine yesterday and they had an article about Steampunk in there! Sure it was literally the 2nd to last page, but that's still something! I agree with Ken when he said that AUSA chose the perfect time to do Steampunk. It's getting really huge, and not in the nerd subculture. Art, and fashion have also starting taking a lot to things from steampunk and the vintage look in general.

Final note, I've had my finalized costume plans for Katsucon for a while. Yes, I'm still attending Katsucon, but I will be leaving Saturday afternoon so that I can enjoy New Year's Eve dinner with my family. I may or may not return on Sunday.

FRIDAY: Baofu of Persona 2 (with group)
SATURDAY: Ryougi Shiki of Kara no Kyoukai (with my school buddy, Kucchi as Lio fuck yeah)

If anyone on my flist wants to do Kara no Kyoukai with me, that would be awesome. I'm trying to convince some people to do it with me, but not much success so far. I'm so excited for the new Kara no Kyoukai movie. I've been wondering what the deal is with Lio!!

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