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NYAF shout-outs and con report-ish

Hay Danaaaaaaaaa,
Wanna be my loverrrrrrrrrrrrrr????

hahahahaha :( Sorry. I actually took this picture when I was going crazy from making Chopin, so I was intending to post it as "in progress" picture. (I just ended up not having any time to post it since I spent the entire rest of the week making the stupid costume).

Hahaha I went up to NY and NYAF from Thursday to Monday. I'll post up the pictures (along with the Katsucon photos that I never got to) soon. But instead, I'll do shout-out post so that people know that I'm still alive...

amecandy: Aww! You were so cute! I'm sad that we were so busy this convention that we didn't get to see each other much though. Next time we definitely have to do Suikoden together! (AUSA?? :D?)

blackjackie999/rukawagf: Hooray bathroom buddies haha. Like always, it is always a surprise whenever I see you at the conventions :)! You looked so cute this weekend~~

kitsunesqueak: You make such a good Teddie! I hope that we get to do more BL game cosplay together though! I can't wait to see your Lucky Dog!!!

hystericraider: I had so much fun together! Even if we woke up at like 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 all 3 days ahhahahahaha. Thanks so much for letting me stay though~~~! (I love that photo you took with Tomino still hahaha)

mana_blue_rose: It was really good to see you! You looked so good as Totchi. We need to do more old school Diru~~

rare_dreamer: I'm glad that we were able to work together! Even if every 5 seconds we went running to Ted asking how much something was :D. Thanks for the photos though~~ *__* The turned out amazing. I promise I'll do big photoshoot for you next time I see you though! I'm sorry that we didn't get photos of Code Gay :(!! (Hopefully we won't be so busy next time, that's really what it all comes down to).

winq: It was so good to actually see you and cosplay with you since....2005 or something? We definitely have plans for next time too now! >3

yeu: I think I only saw you like....2 times this convention and it was really short! Your Code Gay skit looked fantastic though~~ Hopefully next time we can plan more cos together

Most of the people I saw were non-LJ people so hahhaah it looks like I have no friends at the convention! (Which is true too, especially since we were working all weekend.) I was glad to see everyone~~ Hopefully next time won't be so busy.

Pretty boring con. Anita and I spent it working at Anime Bento for most of the weekend, which was actually pretty fun hahaha.

I came up on Thursday and bummed around Kevin's house trying to get my costume finished up. I lucked out since Kevin's friend Ray was working on his crazy armor costume, so he helped me screw together my blingbling Chopin clock hahaha. And we watched a lot of Food Channel.

Kevin and I got up early so that he could get the autograph ticket for Tomino, and I needed to show up early to help set-up for the dealer's room. Ted (the boss) and Eugene (he was the Jin cosplayer at Otakon) were there already and it really wasn't until much later that any other people showed up.

Eugene wore knight!Suzaku! He looked really cute as Suzaku! (Even if the costume didn't turn out nearly as nice/accurate as he had hoped). I wore Chopin today! So Suzaku and I were fancy-male-pair. :( I didn't finish it, so I had to pin it together and it was too heavy ahhahaha. Jen and I did the Hall Contest for Count Waltz and Chopin. There was a girl cospaying Toradora or something (Jen said her name was Jessie?) who was helping with the judging and so she was looking at the costume before we went into the actual judging and I got the funniest comment ever, which pretty much went:
"Ooh, nice lining, nice fabric, nice butt."

I also got to meet more of Kevin/Jen's friends! There was Tony who was cosplaying Kazu from Air Gear (I kept pestering him all weekend to wear Kazu on Sunday with me hahah), John who cosplayed Gintoki in suit~~ (I changed my glasses...), Ray (The awesome armor specialist like I mentioned before). I also saw Andrew again (he does some fuck-awesome original costumes, and wore this really warm poncho-thing this time around~~~~~).
Later on at work, Bryant (Ragna from Otakon), as well as two really adorable girls named Michelle (who was cosplaying a really cool version of Sakura from Naruto), and Sybil (who was from K-On!). I think Suki also showed up that day, but ahhaha she is interesting character.....

I gave my Tomino autograph ticket to Bryant since he really wanted it. So he and Kevin got Tomino autograph :)
and later, we all went to the Cosplay Variety show because we heard that they were going to announce the Cosplay Hall winners there. There was a Ouran music video they showed that was so funny!

Work work work. Anita came today as Ryoji from P3 :) It was so cute~~~. I got to meet her friend Maddi who was Minato!

I got to eat delicious bento box today as well. I wore Suikoden today and I was so left out! Michelle/Sybil/Eugene cosplayed Sheryl/Ranka/Alto from Macross and then Suki and Bryant did Noel and Ragna. (On top of the fact that Jen and Kevin were doing Carl and Arakune too!). hahhah there were no other Suikoden and only one person took my picture (it's funny because that someone photodumped NYAF pics onto 4chan and I was in that set......and there was only one person who took my picture XD).

Anita, me and Bryant stepped out early to do photoshoots of BlazBlue, P3, P4, and Anita did some for my Suikoden as well. However, it took SO long to get out of the Dealer's Room (or anywhere for that matter) since everyone and their mom wanted a picture of Bryant. Since there were so many people, it was like...photoshoot and chilling around. it was a lot of fun. Jen and I eventually stopped by the Masq to get our "Best Group" award. We got to see Die and Rosiel's Trinity Blood costumes up close and it was so beautiful! :( It was so heart-breaking to see when they lost to Yaya Han.

More work more work more work, more Anita!
Anita did Code Geass casual Lelouch and I did Air Gear. (Unfortunately more of the Air Gear people already did it on Fri/Sat).
More work, more work more work.
Kevin did Shiki Tohno from Tsukihime! I was so excited!!

I took some time earlier on in the day to look around the dealer's room. I got some red and blue pencil lead (why do I buy pencil lead at a convention? because it was 0.9! I never find color lead in 0.9, and I love that size!!), a colorless blender copic marker, a pin and a Luke picture from the artist alley. I drove away business from the copic marker people (since their sets were highway robbery), I got some free swag, and got my picture taken a bit. hahaha that was a lot of fun. I got to be mean to people and that just made them more excited hahahaha.
Person: "Can I have a picture?"
Me: "...nice one or mean one?"
Person: "Mean one!"
Me: "......fine" (It is a pain in the butt to change my eyepatch over to the other eye)
Me: "Fuck, you happy now?"
Person: *picture picture* :)! "Thanks!"
Me: "Yeah, whatever"
Person: "Can I get a hug??" :D?
Me: "Fuck. Whatever." *stands there and is hugged*
Person: "THANKS~~!!" *walks away*
Me: "FUCK~~!"

I stepped out with Anita to do a photoshoot of Tony as Kazu and I, but we ended up staying out for too long and had to run back for work.

I got to see so many friends today~~ I was so happy! I'm glad that I was able to meet everyone :)! Kevin, Daven, Jen, Ray, Sybil, Michelle, Eugene, Bryant~~!! Kevin and Jen also bought me a really cute penguin going-away present <3. It was so much fun! Eugene and I were the only suburb-dwellings and we were used to seeing trees and grass and plants but everyone else said that they had to go out of their way to see trees.

I had so much fun with everyone! Hopefully I get to see everyone again soon! AUSA right??? :D
NYAF and oldoldold Katsucon photos coming soon.
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